First Smooth Operator Heels

Working socks in tandem seems to be really working for me lately. I have been knitting my Smooth Operator Socks in tandem on two separate 9 inch circulars.

I split the skein into two balls and I’m working on trying to keep the socks matching. I think I’m maybe one or two rows off, but it’s close enough for me. I worked these socks for six inch legs and then knit the tube past that point a couple more inches. I went ahead used the scrap yarn instructions in the SOS pattern. Now I’ve gotten my needles installed and I’m ready to install the heels. I plan on doing the no gap heel variation from the pattern update that Susan B Anderson added.

I plan on doing some pondering today. Do I use the stripes for the heels….or do I use contrasting grey? Right now it’s a 50/50 tie!

Happy Knitting!!

9 thoughts on “First Smooth Operator Heels

    • I do not. It’s not so much the technique but the fact I am about to have two small people in my home and I pick up and put down my knitting A LOT. I need projects that don’t require yarn management or brain power.

  1. I’ve tried for a couple of weeks with the 9 inch circs. I feel like my hands got run over after a few minutes with them. I think I give up now. 😦
    Your socks look lovely so far. I vote contrasting heel!

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