These Socks Are Electric

My Electric Mayhem Socks are just downright addictive….

I have cruised through three of the five color changes and only have a teeny bit of yarn left. I find myself thinking, I’ll just get to the next color and then I can’t quit. This yarn just makes you look like a knitting genius and absolutely baffles the muggles. Not to mention it helps this knitter get through some interminable meetings and webinars.

I only have a few grams of yarn left. I think the plan will be to finish the green section in stockinette and when I hit the yellow I’ll switch to 2×2 ribbing for the cuff. As I said before, I’m just knitting a tube until I run out of yarn and I’ll just cut in an afterthought heel when it’s all said and done. Easy peasey and no complex thinking required….just what the knitting doctor ordered!

Happy Knitting!!

8 thoughts on “These Socks Are Electric

  1. Those are great, and what fun, easy knitting, to just do the tube and add afterthought heels when you are finished.
    Do you find yourself asking inane questions to stretch the length of the meetings, so you can keep knitting? 🙂

  2. I’m still unable to make even the simplest socks- I do unabashedly have sock envy. These are so bright and happy. I always like reading that you get to plug away and get socks done during webinars and meetings. That’s so very cool. 🙂

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