Big Bang Update

My Big Bang Vanilla Sock has been growing quietly in the dark.

This is my post-bedtime knitting in the dark while the temperamental PB sleeps in the bassinet next to me. She still has finely tuned baby radar and can tell when she’s alone in the bedroom. Instead of feeling frustrated I take this as an opportunity to knit or honestly….go to sleep too. Babies are exhausting.

This TurtlePurl yarn has an interesting striping sequence. It’s two different two color stripe blocks each separated by a single red stripe. The colors emerge and are a complete surprise to me when I get this out in the daylight. I bought this yarn for the cute name and to be truthful, wasn’t entirely sold on the colors after I started knitting. But they are growing on me.

I have a TON of yarn in this sock set. I’m going to see how long I can stand knitting a plain tube. I am shooting for tall socks but I don’t think I will use up all the yarn. I don’t want to have to figure in calf shaping or too many increases over my standard mid-calf sock recipe. Time will tell!

Happy Knitting!!

6 thoughts on “Big Bang Update

  1. The striping is an interesting pattern. I can see why it might take a bit to let the colors grow on you. It looks a bit sporty (in a good way). Can’t wait to see progress on it! Hooray for post-bedtime knitting and being able to knit in dim lighting or darkness. I’m too uncoordinated for that. You possess a useful skill, on top of knitting! 😉

  2. Your sock is turning out great! It is an interesting stripe pattern – definitely unusual, but nice looking! Good that you have a little time to catch up on your knitting – or your sleep!

  3. Babies are exhausting. It amazes me how much knitting you get done. I love the stripes on the socks. They are fun and something I wouldn’t pick up. That is the kind of yarn that usually becomes my favorite once knit up.

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