Wishful Knitting: More Baby Girl Sweaters

I am sooooo close to finishing PB’s second Sporty cardigan that I’m already dreaming of my next cast on.  I seem to be really energized knitting for cute baby girl clothes. I pulled up my stash on Ravelry and perused what I have. I know that it will have to be sport or DK weight. Those kinds of projects work up quickly but also make a nice light fabric. And because babies are messy and get changed a lot…the sweater needs to be easy on and off, not to mention easy cleaning. I created a Ravelry search and came up with the following options

  • Leksak by Yarn Madness. This is a tunic with long sleeves and a nice open front. And the neckline doesn’t look horrible for big headed babies.
  • POP! baby cardigan by Rachel Atkinson. This is a garter yoked cardigan similar to my Gidday Baby but without eyelets and in more comprehensive sizing.
  • Little Renee by Tiaga Hilliard Designs. This is a top down caridgen with a lace panel on the back. It’s a little adventurous for my knitting time and brain power but it’s drop dead gorgeous!

I think I may stash dive and pull out yarn and let the colors speak to me and tell me what pattern to pick next!!

Happy Knitting!!

5 thoughts on “Wishful Knitting: More Baby Girl Sweaters

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