Even Medical Professionals Craft

The germs continue in this house. I guess that’s what we get for having two kids in daycare plus working in germy offices during cold and flu season.  I took my knitting with me to visit an urgent care clinic. And guess what? My physician was a crafter!


She spotted my knitting and correctly identified it as socks (my second Helping Hippo Socks)! Turns out she crochets and we swapped crafting stories as she did my exam. Turns out we are all just fighting an upper respiratory virus and it just has to run its course with fluids and rest. But oy vey….so much coughing in my house right now!

Happy Knitting and stay well my friends!

9 thoughts on “Even Medical Professionals Craft

  1. You have my sympathy, my husband, MIL and I have had a flu virus including very chesty coughs. My husband’s started before Christmas and mine before New Year and we are still both full of it. Hope your family is better soon.

  2. I absolutely love that yarn! I accompanied my brother to a medical appointment last month and while I was waiting outside an exam room, a nurse noticed my knitting and asked if I could help decipher a mistake she’d made on her commute!

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