Cast On: Free Your Fade

I have a FO to show you tomorrow and to celebrate I cast on a project I have been thinking about for MONTHS! I finally put my Free Your Fade on the needles!

I finally settled on my One Twisted Tree Lavish in Chaotic Nuetral (grey) followed by Leon Alexander Yarns Duke DK in Oh La La (variegated) and finished by some Anzula Ava in Raspberry (pink).  It’s neutral(ish) with nice pops of colors and should coordinate with my wardrobe really well.

It took me honestly casting on three times to get a product I was happy with. I didn’t like my initial slipped stitches on the edges. Then I messed up the yarn overs on the my second go. But finally this third attempt is looking pretty spiffy! This might quickly become my new obsession…

Happy Knitting!!

7 thoughts on “Cast On: Free Your Fade

  1. Excited to follow your progress on this! I love your color choice.
    I dream of doing this pattern but am worried my skill vs. perfectionism will result in way too many restarts and take me years to finish.

  2. It looks beautiful so far. And Leon Alexander? I LOVE Leon Alexander Yarns! I don’t know how many projects I’ve made with their yarn – mostly the fingering weight – but all those bright colors make me happy. I can’t wait to see what your shawl looks like as it progresses.

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