Blowing The Dust Off

I managed to make it to work one day this week and forgot half my brain at home. I had a lunch box with an empty Tupperware container and an apple and then no knitting in my purse. It was a very rough day. Sleep deprivation is real yo!

I managed to scrounge a can of soup from my desk drawer so as not to starve. And I also remembered way back in August I had tucked some knitting away in my desk for just such days as this.

I pulled out my Cheery Vanilla Socks and added two whole stripes during my weekly conference call on my big work project. Sometimes it is good to stash knitting around like a squirrel stashes nuts! I may need to add a car project…..

Happy Knitting!!

8 thoughts on “Blowing The Dust Off

  1. Yikes! No lunch AND no knitting? I forgot my knitting on Monday, I had taken it with me in a different bag on Sunday. But I did have my lunch, so I was good, surfing through Ravelry on my phone. Put the knitting in its rightful place as soon as I got home. One day without it was quite enough. Maybe I should stash a hat in the office or something…

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