Fading Into The Homestretch

My obsession has not slowed this week. My Free Your Fade is into the third color!

I’ve finished my One Twisted Tree DK grey, the Leon Alexander DK variegated and now I’m in to the bright pink Anzula sport. This Anzula is for sure a thinner yarn than the previous two. But as I’ve professed before I’m not fussing about gauge in shawls. This last section has cashmere content and no one can hate that!

I did end up playing yarn chicken with the variegated yarn and had to kind of adjust the fading section. I turned one garter bump to solid from the variegated. I worked out in my favor and I only had a teeny ball of the variegated left over.  And I really don’t think you can tell in the finished section.

Now I just need to get busy and finish this! Happy Knitting!!

7 thoughts on “Fading Into The Homestretch

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  2. Oh! I just finished this myself! I love mine! It’s pink and blues. I kept the picot bind off, it’s super cute. I have a pic on my latest blog post if you’re interested. You can see if you like the bind off or not. I have a good pic. Also…..Leon Alexander is a local dyer and I have some of his yarn too. That’s cool! I love the colors you picked. Very pretty!

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