A Day-Glow Heel

My Easter weekend travails was a really good kick in the pants to keep my Gonna Need Sunglasses Vanilla Socks going. Weeks ago I had cast on the toe and left this sock languish in my bedside table.  And this no-thinking knitting was perfect for a busy and egg filled holiday weekend.

The heel turn is complete and I now have an inch (or more-ish) of leg completed. I have a bugger of time photographing this knit because it’s SO bright. I’m hoping that this sock will turn into movie knitting and the hubby will take me to Avengers Endgame. But time and babysitter availability will tell.

Jellybean LOVES that this project is living in my BB-8 project bag. He can’t understand why I don’t name these “BB-8 Socks”. He is a nerd and comes by it naturally through his dad. But Jellybean does approve of the colors and asked if he could have the leftovers to play with. I’ll convert this child to fiber arts yet!

Happy Knitting!!

2 thoughts on “A Day-Glow Heel

  1. Love those happy, bright socks! I love your BB-8 project bag also 🙂 How neat that he’s already requesting leftover yarn – soon his journey to the yarn side will be complete!

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