The Next Neon Heel

I’ve come down with some sniffles thanks to PB and her need to lick my face and try to put her fingers in my mouth. Such is the life of a mother as obsessive hand washing will only get you so far. All that being said, I haven’t had much brain space for anything but garter stitch or stockinette in the round because my head is full of goo. So my Gonna Need Sunglasses Vanilla Socks have seen some action on my lunch hour.

I just kind of eyeballed it by holding the two socks up and said “yeah that looks about right to start knitting the second heel!”. Surely what can go wrong with that kind of attention to detail!

I have been really pleased with how well I have managed to keep the two socks matching so far! I have a feeling my heel turn won’t be spot on based on how fast the color is disappearing. Now….time for more hot tea and tylenol….mom’s don’t get a day off.

Happy Knitting!!

8 thoughts on “The Next Neon Heel

  1. I hope you feel better soon. It’s never fun when the kiddos give you what they have by sharing fluids. My son gave me the flu 2 years ago that way. He was running a temp and I was trying to give him some meds to get it down, but he wouldn’t take them. I took him to urgent care and while I was getting him out of the car he ran his nose over my mouth. Yeah… I got sick 2 days later. This was 4th of July weekend. Feel better soon.

    • Well the pretty stitch marker came with a skein of yarn from String Theory Colorworks. And the less pretty marker is a paper clip I nabbed from my desk 😄. I am not talented in the jewelry department.

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