My First Sucre Sucre Miniature Progress Keepers

After my foot disaster this week, I got a cheery little package in the mail.  In a fit of weakness after a long work day and a glass of wine after the kids went to bed I fell down in the Sucre Sucre miniatures online store a few weeks back. I’m not going to pretend to apologize. My bills are paid and my children want for nothing so I decided to treat myself. (I felt at the time this was better than a pint of Mint Chip from Ben and Jerry’s while watching Big Bang Theory re-runs.)

I had picked the Swiss Cake Roll and Chicken Tikka Masala process keepers. I have been seeing and hearing about Sucre Sucre miniatures from all kinds of blogs, webcasts and podcasts for literally years and I wanted in. And these just made me smile. The swiss cake roll is already in service on my Autumn League Pullover.

I haven’t decided where I am going to put the Chicken Tikka Masala yet…oh the possibilities!

Happy Knitting!!

9 thoughts on “My First Sucre Sucre Miniature Progress Keepers

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