Happy Mail Day

My unabashed self caring buying continues. This week I had a couple of packages show up on the same day from two indie small businesses. It made for a happy mail day indeed! Today is also my 13th wedding anniversary so I’m going to count these as presents from the hubby, hehehehehe.

First up is an adorable bunny stitch marker from Hannah of The Corner of Craft in the UK. I think this will go right on to my Radiate as a progress marker!

Next up is some fiber and yarn from BlueBerry Chick yarn in South Carolina. I got her some Corriedale in her limited edition Tequila Sunrise color. And then I picked up some gradiate sock yarn minis in her Pansy fade.

I’m thinking the fiber is going to skip stash and go right on to my drop spindle. It is soooo summery that I just think it’s destiny.

Happy Knitting!!

My First Sucre Sucre Miniature Progress Keepers

After my foot disaster this week, I got a cheery little package in the mail.  In a fit of weakness after a long work day and a glass of wine after the kids went to bed I fell down in the Sucre Sucre miniatures online store a few weeks back. I’m not going to pretend to apologize. My bills are paid and my children want for nothing so I decided to treat myself. (I felt at the time this was better than a pint of Mint Chip from Ben and Jerry’s while watching Big Bang Theory re-runs.)

I had picked the Swiss Cake Roll and Chicken Tikka Masala process keepers. I have been seeing and hearing about Sucre Sucre miniatures from all kinds of blogs, webcasts and podcasts for literally years and I wanted in. And these just made me smile. The swiss cake roll is already in service on my Autumn League Pullover.

I haven’t decided where I am going to put the Chicken Tikka Masala yet…oh the possibilities!

Happy Knitting!!