WIP Wednesday: Sherwood Forest Wrap

My Sherwood Forest Wrap has come to live in my purse. It’s kind of an odd purse project as it takes a very long time to work a single row but yet here I am. After an initial thrust of travel knitting progress this project is only getting a repeat or two every now and then.

But I guess that all adds up, I did manage to complete the first garter and stockinette sections. And I’m establishing the first lace section. With so much work bunched up on the needles I have to be careful to mind all the yarn overs and to remember the garter edges. But so far so good!

P.S. I have not heard back from the designer about the error on her paid for pattern. So that is less than encouraging but I will try to contact her again.

Happy Knitting!!

4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Sherwood Forest Wrap

  1. I hope you do hear back from the designer! The color is pretty. Your wrap will definitely keep growing, even as a purse project.

    I have a wrap (uncharacteristically) in my everyday bag most of the time lately – I alternate between two purses, depending where I’ll be sitting – it takes a while for one row, and it’s 2-row repeat… but if it doesn’t travel with me most days, it might take a year to get done. I‘ started it about a month ago and have 10” give or take done- hoping to have it be done by the end of January at the latest. Maybe sooner if I remember to tv knit on it over the holidays. 😉

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