Ladder Down, Ladder Up

I am still cruising through my Into The Light shawl and I’m in the second color section. I have been noticing that if I get too distracted by my TV show or children that I don’t always get both strands of yarn that I’m using. So I’m getting mistakes in my garter.

They bother me so I have been laddering back down fixing them with my double ended crochet hook. Fixing garter takes a little more brain power than stockinette but I have missed enough strands that this project is giving me lots of practice.

And by the time I’m done you would never know there was a mistake.

I’m really crushing on this project. The color fade is beautiful and it’s really easy to work. I can’t wait to get the third and last color added to get the full effect.

Happy Knitting!!

7 thoughts on “Ladder Down, Ladder Up

  1. I’m not normally a garter fan but your two strand is quite pretty. Congrats on fixing mistakes. Agree that stockinette is easier and sometimes I turn the work so I can do it knit instead of purl.

  2. The colors you chose are so similar to the ones I used. I love it!! I also had to drop down to fix stitches here and there, but it was certainly worth the effort and the pattern is a joy to knit. I hope you are doing the fringed version!!

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