Ready For Garter Lace

I had some crazy good knitting mojo this week and I really cranking on my Into The Light shawl. I have added the third and last color and knit right up until I need to start the simple lace to finish the shawl body.

I am really really happy with my third color. The darker blips are fading in well. This last skein is some Twisted Owl Fiber Studio in the Razz-Ma-Tazz colorway it has lots of dark blues and greens.

I think I have roughly 20 rows of garter lace and then I can start the fringed edge. I have never worked an attached fringe where I drop stitches. I’m honestly a little nervous but I’m going to trust the pattern and do what I’m told.

Happy Knitting!!

7 thoughts on “Ready For Garter Lace

    • It’s three skeins of variegated. Your start with two strands is the same color and then drop and add strands to create the fade. By the end you are holding two strands of color three. It’s a paid for pattern so I don’t want to spill the secret sauce but it’s super easy to follow the directions.

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  2. I love your chosen colors. I’ve done the knit in fringe before and it works out great, just a lot of extra knitting but the fringe is even.
    I’m currently working the Deeds not words kal.
    I also want make the Arctic Trellis which would be mindless knitting while watching Netflix.

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