Cast On: A Hat For Dad

I needed some easy peasy no concentration knitting after I finished my Into The Light shawl. I decided to cast on a generic worsted weight beanie for my dad.

I cast on 88 stitches in the round on a US 8 needle and started 2×2 ribbed brim. I will work the brim until it looks good enough and then switch to stockinette. I think I want a decent amount of ribbing so the brim can be folded double for extra warmth.

The yarn is some recently obtained Lilliput Yarn in her Woof Worsted. This blue color is her Man’s Best Friend colorway. I’m really pleased with the variagation and subtle tones that are playing out as this knits up. We will see if I get any pooling or flashing as I keep going.

Happy Knitting!!

2 thoughts on “Cast On: A Hat For Dad

  1. So glad I read this (and cute yarn for a cute hat). I was thinking of knitting with some spotty baby yarn recently and couldn’t come up with the name for the thing that happens when you get a patch of the same colour – ‘pooling’ – thats it! I remembered making a baby jacket years ago, the yarn was white with blue and egg yolk spots. The egg yolk pooled on the front. I ignored it, carried on knitting and sewed it up. Every time I put my baby son in it I grumbled about the ‘egg yolk’ stain on the front! This time my yarn may become a blanket, one day !

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