A Toxic Oreo Heel

I finished turning the heel on my Zoom meeting project. My first Toxic Oreo sock now has a heel!

I’m really happy with how evenly the speckles spread out as I increased the number of stitches in the heel. And I’m now I’m set up to just keep working up the leg. This is now PERFECT meeting knitting. And the Lemonade Shop yarn is just the perfect bright pick-me-up to the winter grey and gloom.

What is your favorite meeting knitting?

4 thoughts on “A Toxic Oreo Heel

  1. Yep, I love to knit socks during Zooming. That’s why I also most always have a pair of the needles. I agree the speckled or self striping yarns are great so that I can just do vanilla stockinette.

  2. Cute yarn. I try and have Zoom knitting or sewing that is simple, usually just stocking stitch and no counting. I make mistakes whilst chatting/being sociable and have had to undo a morning’s work so I stick to ‘simple’ now! One bonus of meeting up online rather than in person is that I can ‘take’ large projects to meetings, like blankets if I wish, there’s no worries about carrying a huge caboodle of yarn in a bag and dragging it out at the edge of a gathering then getting home and realising you’ve left a ball behind in the cafe or someone else’s house!

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