Coffee and Toxic Oreo Vanilla Socks

Socks in the wild!! I managed to snag a rotation for going in to my physical work office so my knitting got to leave the house (with a mask, lol)!

Zoom meetings have been really good for my zen knitting of stockinette in the round. My Toxic Oreo Vanilla socks have a decent sized foot going!! And the speckles do not disappoint as Lemonade Shop yarns really have this down to a science.

I should be about an inch away from starting the gusset heel. I have, over the years, figured out how to work the toe up gusset heel and stay on my nine inch circular needle. The needles do get a little full but its manageable for me and it saves me from transferring live stitches.

At the rate I am casting on socks I am going to need a bigger sock drawer! Happy Knitting!!

6 thoughts on “Coffee and Toxic Oreo Vanilla Socks

  1. Wonderful to read your blog. Do you find it easier to knit toe up socks then cuff down?
    I always knit from cuff down never tried toe up. .
    Do you recommend your pattern that you are knitting? I have 2 pairs I need to knit asap

    • I just taught myself toe up first so that’s my go to. It helps me use more yarn and I can try stuff off better. And I’m not not knitting any particular pattern. It’s a “recipe” I have perfected for myself over the last 5 years that fits my foot. I’m 68 stitches on a US 1 needle with a gusset heel by Wendy Johnson.

  2. I bet going into the office was a great change of scenery! My spouse really loves going into the office 2 days a week, he said he gets more physical tasks accomplished than when he was there 5!

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