Almost Complete Toxic Oreos

My Toxic Oreo Vanilla Socks have been living in my purse and see slow but steady process. I have reached the cuff of the final sock.

I think last I showed you guys, the second sock was at the heel where I have the project keeper clipped in. I did my best to match the leg increase of the first sock until I got to the total stitch count I needed for the cuff.

If I sit down I could probably knock these out in maybe an hour? And then I would have some new socks to add to my drawer. But knitting heart only wants to work on hats right now. I might have to implement an arbitrary knitting rule and say no more hat knitting until these are finished, lol.

Do you have any arbitrary knitting rules?

5 thoughts on “Almost Complete Toxic Oreos

  1. Everyone probably has those arbitrary rules in our lives at times. I do it for knitting and other stuff. I find it’s more of a reminder to myself about my own person priorities.

  2. I think follow your heart and work on hats; the socks are a quick win to be saved for a day when you need it! If your heart is with hats than knit hats! I generally follow my heart and knit what I want to as it brings me joy and sometimes I can’t get a particular project out of my mind, but I do impose rules on myself sometimes when I feel things have got a bit out of control. I started the year with 9 works in progress instead of my usual 3-4 (usually have one garment, one pair TAAT vanilla socks, one more complex project such as lace or colourwork that requires concentration, and perhaps a shawl or a hat; this works well for me and is a nice mix of different types of knitting and projects for different times of day / place) but due to pandemic weirdness and surgery last year things had just got messy and overwhelming. So I decided no new cast ons until I had things back under control, and I’m just about there now: I have a garment needing fixed and re knitted (again!! It’s cursed..), a lace pi shawl, the ripple bralette & a pair of colourwork mittens on the go, as well as knitted slippers needing to be darned & re-soled. When I cast off the bralette (hopefully in the next few days) I’m considering allowing my first new cast on of 2021, but I should probably knuckle down and get the colour work mittens done as I’ve been avoiding those for about 6-months now as I’m just really crap at colour work and it’s so slow. On the other hand if I focus then they are an opportunity to improve my skills.
    TL; DR knit what brings you joy unless you’re feeling panicky and it’s not fun any more. You are such a talented knitter and blogger and i really enjoy your posts

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