Almost Complete Toxic Oreos

My Toxic Oreo Vanilla Socks have been living in my purse and see slow but steady process. I have reached the cuff of the final sock.

I think last I showed you guys, the second sock was at the heel where I have the project keeper clipped in. I did my best to match the leg increase of the first sock until I got to the total stitch count I needed for the cuff.

If I sit down I could probably knock these out in maybe an hour? And then I would have some new socks to add to my drawer. But knitting heart only wants to work on hats right now. I might have to implement an arbitrary knitting rule and say no more hat knitting until these are finished, lol.

Do you have any arbitrary knitting rules?

Bring On The Scrappy Cuffs

I sat down the other day and realized how close my 2020 Advent Socks were to being done. I had finished both heels and scooted right up the leg.

So I have connected the eighth and final mini skein from my 2020 Christmas Advent calendar. I will finish off these socks with some 2×2 ribbing until I run out of this mini. Overall, I’m digging the mix of colors in these calendar. They do look very scrappy but intentional.

Now if you do the math….I have used 8 mini skeins out of 24 so there are 16 left to do something with. If I follow the same “recipe” I could make two more pairs of scrappy socks. Which I may very well do, but not right away. Or maybe I let these percolate for a bit?

My sock drawer is starting to get very fully. I may need to start knitting socks for other people again!

Happy Knitting!!

Almost There Sand Castle Cashmere Vanilla Socks

I’m down to the last few rows of cuff on my Sand Castle Cashmere Vanilla Socks!

The heel turn is complete and I muddled my through the second leg. The increases may not be in the exact same places as sock number one but there are for sure the same number of increases.

I’m already scheming my next sock cast on for when these are done! Happy Knitting!!

Don’t Drink And Seperate

So earlier this week I managed to measure and start to insert needles so I could cut in afterthought cuffs on my Dark Side Vanilla socks. Well yesterday was my birthday and I had a glass or two of some very fine Rose with my dinner. And somehow it seemed like a great idea to then cut my knitting.

I might have made a small miscalculation when deciding the exact middle of my socks. One sock is noticeably shorter than the other. Like by four or five rows. I think my plan is to just add the extra needed rows in cuff portion so that the overall sock length is the same between the two.

One idiosyncrasy I noticed is that the black stripes mostly line up but the color stripes are not even close. Probably because of the way I knit toes from the opposite ends of the stripe sequence. I am the boss of my knitting and I have decided I like all of the above because its quirky like me!

Happy Knitting!!

Downpour Progress

I prepped my Downpour Socks awhile back. Well, I finally cast them on during my Colorado vacation. I managed to get both cuffs done in between family outings.

I tried to manage the yarn so they would match. I am close but not quite on the money. But it’s totally close enough for me! I put these aside until I can carve out a few minutes of alone time to count and get both set up rows down and marked. Toddlers/husbands plus counting don’t really go well together!

Happy Knitting!!

FO Friday: Boot Toppers/cuffs

Because its FO Friday I want to talk about my boot toppers I started awhile back.


Those simple cuffs seem to be all the rage this year! I am starting to see them pop up in other blog posts and Ravelry queues. See my project link on Ravelry.

I knit these in bulky weight extremely soft and silly yarn. Because of this they worked up very quickly! However I failed to take into account my own body.

I am a lifelong and avid volleyball player. In volleyball you spend (or should spend) most of your time on the court up on your toes and the ball if your foot in what is mostly a perpetual calf raise. Long years of this have given me very muscular and round calves, thus making it hard to fit into tall boots. Last year I happened on an pair with elastic vents on the sides that fit me! Though even with the elastic they are a snug fit…

Therein lies the rub….my toppers are bulky. They fit into my boots with some coaxing but are not comfortable to wear for long. I love how the simple rib turned out and the color is amazing for fall.

I am not defeated however! I am in the final stages of finishing my Stockinette Shrug made with Berroco Vintage DK and I have yarn leftover! I want to adjust my topper/cuff pattern for DK weight and try making them again. I think a thinner knit “fabric” will suit my body needs better and they would match my sweater!! Who know I may throw in a hat to match, ha!


I choose to look at this project not as a failure but as a learning moment. I am not going to frog my bulky originals. Who knows I may find a friend with skinny legs who wants super cool cuffs for their boots! I still need to finish the matching scarf but its at the bottom if my priority list.

I hope to finish, wash/block, and seam my sweater this weekend, stay tuned!!!

Happy Knitting and TGIF!

WIP Wednesday

Yes, yes I know it’s Thursday. I can’t for the life of me figure out where yesterday went!

Anyway, back to the knitting! I picked up a super adorable baby doll dress at a local thrift store last week. It’s a simple white scoop neck bodice with black baby doll skirt. I just had to have it to wear with my black boots the hubby got for me last year on my birthday! It was a steal at $7!

It just needs a little pizzaz! So after perusing Ravelry for some boot toppers/boot cuffs, I decided to use Ravelry as my inspiration and improvise my own! Mostly because I wanted to make them out of some Deborah Norville Serenity Chunky I had in my stash in a lovely shade of deep red.

So I pulled out my US size 11 circs (size recommended for this yarn) and cast on 44 sts using long tail cast on method and placed a marker. I prefer to knit in the round rather than with dpns because I am not careful enough to travel with work on dpns and not mess it up hopelessly!

I knit the first round then transitioned to K1, P1 ribbing so that the cuff with expand and contact with the contours if my leg and boot.


I plan to work the cuff for 7-8 inches in rib and cast off with a stretchy cast off. Of course then I will move on to the second cuff and I should have enough yarn for a skinny ribbed scarf to accent my black and white dress.

Follow my project on Ravelry!

I like to use affordable, easy to find acrylic when I am inventing a pattern for a few reasons:
A) It’s cheap
B) Its easy to find in stores and with matching dye lots
C) It stands up well to frogging if I don’t like the pattern
D) It’s almost always washable

If I like pattern and the FO, then I will fork over the dough and get quality natural fibers to make the next set. I can conserve my funds and manage my stash at the same time!

I hope to have this finished this weekend and have the hubby help me take photos!

Happy Knitting!