Cast On: Dad’s 2021 Christmas Socks

My sock needles were empty and my purse lacked travel knitting after I finished my Advent Socks #3 last week. I wanted some instant gratification so I decided to go for some sport weight socks rather than more fingering weight socks.

I pulled some Regia 6-ply from my deep stash in the every helpful color of “6974”. This has been marinating since 2017 and needs to turn into socks for my Dad. He makes a point to rave how warm his feet are when he is hunting in my hand knit socks.

I am doing the “sock recipe” I have for my dad. I cast on 18 stitches with a wedge toe and then increased to 68 stitches on US 2 needles. My dad has a 13 inch foot and I’ll do a toe up gusset heel. I just need to pay attention to when I get to halfway through the skein so I leave enough yarn for the second sock.

Happy Sock Knitting!!

6 thoughts on “Cast On: Dad’s 2021 Christmas Socks

  1. Beautiful color. What type needles are you using, please? What would you suggest as a first sock pattern to try? I want to knit thicker socks like you are … I have not ever knit socks. 🙂

      • Thank you for info. Some day .. some day I hope to complete a pair of socks … some day (giggle giggle) maybe today I should start???

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