A Tale Of Two Musselburghs

I seem to have fallen off the knitting world for a bit. I wish I could tell you why but it was all just a bit much. So I took some time and space to do nothing. It was glorious

I really haven’t had much crafting mojo at all. I did manage a little knitting on my pair of Musselburgh hats. The Variegated one is definitely getting more love. I am at around 12/13 inches of stockinette. I need to get to 20/21 depending on how my yarn hold up.

My Christmas Musselburgh has languished a bit more. It has a couple inches added but not that much measurable progress. It is pretty and sparkly though.

I have a feeling at this point, the variegated one will get all the love since it is closer to being done. I just feel like that’s how my brain is going to work. Either way, I will eventually have two finished hats!

Happy Knitting!

3 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Musselburghs

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