Tiny Tots And A Sock

PB is a bubbly 4 year old these days and we decided to give a shot a gymnastics. A chance to learn to move her body and socialize outside her daycare group. Upside for Mama? Forty minutes of uninterrupted knitting time as parents are not part of class.

This is the second sock of my UniZebraCorn vanilla socks. The first sock is done-ish and its a full tube now. And I owe you a beauty shot of that because its SPECTACULAR! This yarn is wild y’all.

I added about 3/4 of an inch in sock foot before I scooped up a sweaty PB. She looked me dead in the eyes and said “That was really fun. I don’t think we need to come back though”. Tough cookies tootsie, we paid for at least a full month!

Happy Knitting!!

3 thoughts on “Tiny Tots And A Sock

  1. Think your PB knows life, this was fun but don’t need to do it again, life(mom) says tough cookies etc…. Think about it, isn’t that the beginning of “life as we know it” Somehow, this morning this made me laugh and realize “life” Have a great day. You made me smile first thing in my morning … 🙂

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