Self Care Essentials

This past weekend held the KnitGirllls monthly Patreon zoom. My family had just come home from a 4 hour circus that had everyone over loaded from the spectacle of it all. The rest of the family opted for a movie where I opted for wine, cheese and knitting.

I’m making ever so slow progress on my Chromatic Yarns ZigZag Blanket. I think I have added at least five more garter ridges since last I showed you. I had a lovely 2 hours of self care time before diving into dinner and bathtimes.

What’s your favorite self care?

2 thoughts on “Self Care Essentials

  1. Kudos for five more rows!
    My favorite self-care involves a beverage (adult or not but most likely adult), a snack, a show I can watch on my iPad, and knitting. If I don’t keep my hands busy while watching or listening to something, I tend to doze off.

  2. Can’t wait to see your zig zag blanket. My self care is hot cocoa and knitting vamps ( short socks) with worsted weight wool. I have the pattern in my head (it’s a super easy pattern).

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