Knitting And Watching

I have been having a TERRIBLE time balancing life and work during this financial audit season. It’s my second year as audit lead and we are onboarding a new auditor. There is just so much to do all the time. This means my insomnia has been rearing its head that last couple of weeks.

It’s nearly midnight and instead of tossing and turning in bed I am knitting and watching podcasts. Still plugging away on my mitred square blanket/memory blanket. It is very soothing. All this has taken my pulse rate down considerably already. I think I will do some easy stretches and drink some chamomile tea and try to get some restful sleep.

What do you all do for insomnia?

4 thoughts on “Knitting And Watching

  1. Mostly I think you’re right not to go to bed until you’re sleepy, that’s a big thing.

    I like to read a favourite, familiar book (usually a Terry Pratchett), or sometimes listening to a familiar audio book does it – but only if I can set a timer for it to switch off. Waking up in the night to a strange voice in the bedroom is not soothing.

  2. Insomnia is so frustrating. Knowing you are going to be exhausted the following day doesn’t help. I usually grab my kindle and read until I’m nodding off again, which means that I won’t wake my partner and at least one of us is fully functioning the next day!

  3. I’ve never had insomnia proper, but I do get the occasional night where sleep wants to elude me. I never get up because … three active dogs who think it’s time to start the day the minute my feet hit the floor. So I typically keep a few books bedside so I can read. I’m usually physically active enough during the day that my problem is more just trying to stay awake until it’s actual bed time. Let’s just say that I never lay down on the couch unless it’s my intention to fall asleep since that’s exactly what will happen no matter what time it is.

  4. When I can’t sleep, it’s usually because I want to remember to do something the next day. I keep a notepad on my nightstand to write down whatever needs attention so that helps me.
    Have you tried melatonin? It seems to help shut off my thoughts so I can sleep.
    If I still can’t sleep, I’ll try praying and repeating the same prayer over and over and over….

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