WIP Flash

For this WIP Wednesday I thought I’d do a little WIP flash!

First up, my Baby Sophisticate (Stashbustin’ #26) is flying off the needles!! I have the body complete and the sleeves done! I even put my big girl knitting pants on and used dpns for the sleeves instead of magic loop. I had to frog a few places but the Simply Soft yarn is holding up well.


This is turning out to be the perfect “old man sweater” for my friends. I still have to pick up and knit the button band and shawl collar. I have never done the wrap and turn short row construction that the pattern calls for. But the author gave excellent directions so I think I got this! This has been my obsessive at home knitting project. I may have to crank out a few more of these for my emergency baby shower/present stash.


Next up is my spiral leg warmers! (Stashbustin’ #24)


I now have 22 inches complete on leg #1. This is currently my “travel/purse” knitting so progress is slower. But I just love the feel of this yarn as I work with it. I have to admit that sometime I stop knitting and just fondle the knit fabric…. gotta love Knit Picks yarn!


These have absolutely no practical purpose, but I can’t wait to wear them. I have a feeling that these will be one of those rare projects that is fun to knit and to wear!

Happy Knitting and Happy Wednesday!

9 thoughts on “WIP Flash

  1. Okay. So I saw this sweater and I thought hey! why not do this as my first sweater, everyone says how easy and how fast it is (not to mention utterly adorable!) I was all good…till row 3 😉
    I’m not sure if I understand how the increases work – never have knitted a sweater I hope I am not coming off as completely ignorant. (really hoping). I read through forums and blogs but I’m a bit lost. Any advice?

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