Abalone Update

I’m onto the second skein on my Abalone! This simple knit has been going to work with me every day and getting some serious lunch time knitting.



Being a stockinette body…I had to use the clips to keep it from curling so I could take photo, lol! Don’t worry, it will get a garter stitch border to sort out all the nasty curling. This Knit Picks Brava Bulky has been a dream to knit with. I just love the feel of the wool/acrylic blend. And the color is divine, even in stockinette!



This is sort of a present and needs to be done in January. This will probably be my Christmas traveling knitting so I can be done with it by my deadline.

How are your deadlines coming?

9 thoughts on “Abalone Update

  1. Gorgeous color and it looks like a very nice travel project. I’m not doing too badly considering I still have 6 days for 1 project…and it’s a small one.

  2. My Christmas knitting is becoming a snowball of disaster. As long as my brothers’ presents are done though, I get a pass. My dad says that he would like “a ball of yarn” for Christmas, because it is full of potential. He is adorable.

  3. I am so far behind on my projects, it is not even funny. I am choosing to focus on the two for my son and dil as he will be returning from Afghanistan in January. He wants a Dr Who scarf and the yarn I chose is on back order!

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