Sock Update 

I’m on a sock jag lately as on can tell from my last few blog posts. So I decided to combine a couple of socks into one post so as not to bore the pants of you all with the never ending socks.

First up….Neon Vanilla Socks

I finished the first sock in a frenzy of World Series glory of my Kansas City Royals! It’s my standard 68 stitch vanilla sock but honestly it’s a bit tight. Not uncomfortable but definitely a LOT of negative ease. Time will tell if these stay in my drawer or hit the gift pile. I’m already halfway up the foot of sock #2! These will most certainly be fraternal and it doesn’t bother me one but! I can’t wait to finish these to count for #dcspigskinparty2015 and #operationsockdrawer!

Next up are some new socks!

These are another pair of vanilla socks in Premier Yarns Wool-Free Sock Stripes. It’s an acrylic and polyester blend. I have no clue how they will hold up over time. But the self patterning and colors are making my knitting heart happy. The fabric is also quite soft and smooth and very pleasant to feel. This is my current car project.

I have one more pair of socks on the needles but they had a bit of a hiccup that deserves a post on its own. Stay tuned…

Happy Knitting!!

9 thoughts on “Sock Update 

  1. Oh, the same here: I started knitting the Christmas socks for my family and they are boring like that, they are all pairs of vanilla socks, nothing to do. But this year I knit everything from stash, so for a change I make the stripes or colour blocks myself 🙂

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