Neon Finish Line

I had some Grandparent babysitting time here recently and that let me power through the leg of my Gonna Need Sunglasses Vanilla Socks. I think I’m ready to start the cuff ribbing!

I’m super happy to see that the color progressions are lining up so well between sock number and sock number two. Though no matter what I try on my camera these puppies just GLOW in photos. My mom commented that they looked like really big socks. And I retorted….well I have really big feet!

I think another inch or so of ribbing and I will be done with another pair of socks for my drawer! I can’t hardly wait. And then I really should be a good kid and go back and put some effort into my Dad’s 2019 Christmas socks. They have been kind of languishing lately, whoops!

Happy Knitting

More Work Knitting

I had some MAJOR organizing and note taking to catch up on after making it through audit season. I love my job but this year has been really challenging due to the fact we had a change of management DURING audit season. Not to mention we have three open positions and a lot people are working double duties.

I try to look at the bright side….my Gonna Need Vanilla Socks are making decent progress on my lunch breaks. Sock number one is already done. And I’m past halfway through the foot on sock number two.

And I love when I can mash up my love of organization and love of knitting. Not to mention knitting has taken the edge off some really stressful days lately!

Happy Knitting!!

HO Friday: Gonna Need Sunglasses Socks

The good news is that audit season is over. The bad new is that my web-ex meetings have increased again. I decided to make my Gonna Need Sunglasses Socks my conference call knitting this week to see what I could accomplish. Turns out I could finish the leg of sock number one!

I very clearly saw that as I was working up the leg that I was closing in on finishing my second repeat of the color sequence. So I made the arbitrary decision to finish the ribbing in the second neon yellow section. Then my sock would be exactly two full color repeats.

I worked a 68 stitch sock and for my leg I add 8 stitches evenly up the leg to account for my volleyball player calves. This is still A LOT of negative ease and I might could so with 10 or 12 stitches and still have a comfortable socks. But when it comes to to this type of knitting stuff I subscribe to the horseshoes and hand grenades method…..close enough.

Now the one thing I’m questioning is the heel. Normally the heel turn decreases land at the bottom of my heel. But I knit the foot just a hair too long while on Easter travels so this time they land at the back of the ball of my foot. It doesn’t bother me so much to fix it. I am sure I will knit the second sock to match and just watch and see how well this heel wears versus my other ones. I mean, this is regia, so it normally wears like iron so this all could be for not. Time will tell!!

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Neon Vanilla Socks

Another 24 points for #dcspigskinparty2015! My Neons are done and looking fine!!

Pattern: My own 68 stitch vanilla toe up sock with afterthought heel

Yarn: Flourmania Color

Needles: US 1s

These turned out a bit snug. I’m not sure if they will be kept for my sock drawer or gift. On one side the colors definitely make me happy. But on the flip side I have another skein of flourmania in the stash so I could try again. Decisions decisions….

But for now I’m just going to look at and pet the pretties!

Happy Knitting!

So Close

Due to the unfortunate circumstances of a funeral I had a three day weekend back in my hometown. Just Jellybean and I made the trip but Aunty, Grandma, and Grandpa were there waiting. I took full advantage of the free babysitting and snagged as much sleep and knitting time as possible. My goal was to wrap up my Neon Vanilla Socks. I only needed the leg, cuff, and afterthought heel to be done…

I got sooo close. Like justan inch of ribbing and the bind off left. I’m just itching to get these done to turn in for #dcspigskinparty2015 points! I guess they shall be done soon enough and I’m not going to look the gift horse in the mouth for the extra knitting time.

I snuck in a couple extra stitches on sock #2 to see if that eased the snugness I had in #1. And to hedge my bets I sneakily had my sister try these on to see if they fit her. They did… these might be destined for the Christmas tree…

Happy Knitting!  

Sock Update 

I’m on a sock jag lately as on can tell from my last few blog posts. So I decided to combine a couple of socks into one post so as not to bore the pants of you all with the never ending socks.

First up….Neon Vanilla Socks

I finished the first sock in a frenzy of World Series glory of my Kansas City Royals! It’s my standard 68 stitch vanilla sock but honestly it’s a bit tight. Not uncomfortable but definitely a LOT of negative ease. Time will tell if these stay in my drawer or hit the gift pile. I’m already halfway up the foot of sock #2! These will most certainly be fraternal and it doesn’t bother me one but! I can’t wait to finish these to count for #dcspigskinparty2015 and #operationsockdrawer!

Next up are some new socks!

These are another pair of vanilla socks in Premier Yarns Wool-Free Sock Stripes. It’s an acrylic and polyester blend. I have no clue how they will hold up over time. But the self patterning and colors are making my knitting heart happy. The fabric is also quite soft and smooth and very pleasant to feel. This is my current car project.

I have one more pair of socks on the needles but they had a bit of a hiccup that deserves a post on its own. Stay tuned…

Happy Knitting!!

Flourmania Mania

More socks up today! My Neon Vanilla Socks are humming right along.

The exciting World Series and my Kansas City Royals (and some recent car trips) have really sped up my progress on these vanilla socks. I’m past the lifeline for the afterthought heel. These colors are just smashing!

This Regia is a bit stiffer than I’m used to knitting with but I have high hopes of a hard wearing sock.

Happy Knitting!

Wowza That’s Bright!

I’m still on a sock binge completely fueled by Soctober and all the lovely blog posts I’ve been reading. I pulled some more of my Mother’s Day yarn splurge. I have been working through the back catalog of The Knitmore girls podcast where Gigi has been in a flourmania sock phase. It started that itch in my brain and I just needed more neon in my life!

Holy smokes this is bright! But I simply adore it! I’m doing a basic 68 stitch toe up vanilla sock. I’m also hoping to count this towards both #dcspigskinparty2015 ala The Down Cellar Studio podcast and #operationsockdrawer ala the Knitmore Girls podcast contests. But my abbreviated knitting time lately may make this a long term WIP.

Winter is coming and my feetsies are getting chilly….must knit faster!

Happy Knitting!!