Sweater Incentive

Yesterday I blogged about my Cuff to Cuff sweater and wanting to finish this long term WIP. I technically don’t have a deadline but if I do finish it by Christmas then I get some bonus points in the Down Cellar Studio pigskin party KAL. So I’m giving myself a little motivation!

I’m in the mood to KNIT ALL THE THINGS and CAST ON RIGHT NOW. I really want a Momma Vertebrae by Kelly Brooker. One with long sleeves in a nice warm cozy worsted yarn. I even have the perfect yarn! Berroco Vintage in Mushroom…

A neutral beige that would suit many of my tops for a great layering piece. Tons of people have knit this and I want to be wearing it already. But first I need to finish the cuff to cuff or I fear I never will! Thus this will be the carrot at the end of my needles.

Do you use knitting incentives to stay on track?

10 thoughts on “Sweater Incentive

  1. Sometimes I need to motivate myself, but usually I am good to stay the course. Now when it’s a request from someone else I usually have to make myself do it, even if I really want to do it. I don’t know why I balk in those situations.

  2. I have three pairs of socks to finish by 1/22/16, plus a few more rounds of toe for the first of four pairs. I have three thanks of juniper farms herriot just waiting for those three pairs of socks to be finished so I can knit with it. I can not wait!

  3. I’ve used incentives before and they do seem effective. I am working on the Mama right now, and coincidently am using that yarn;although mine is in a mossy green. Best of luck as you finish your sweater, may needles fly and your stitches not drop!

  4. I don’t use them in quite that way, but I will store patterns to work toward. For example, the dress I knitted about 3 years ago is a pattern I saw a few months after I first learned to knit & was absolutely determined to make at some point. I needed to learn a few techniques first!

    Happy knitting!

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