Sweater Resurrection 

I’ve been on an organizing tear of late. I went through my wardrobe with a ruthless eye and got rid of the clothes that don’t fit post baby. And the ones that don’t make me happy or feel good. They will go to a good home to my sister or to a women’s shelter. And I also tore through my WIPs pile. It was time to knit or frog. I unearthed my Cuff to Cuff Sweater.

  I started this in 2014 but it stalled majorly after Jellybean was born. I was sorely tempted to rip it out as I’m not sure it will fit my new and improved mom hulk shoulders. But all it was missing was one sleeve and the collar/edging. Still a lot of knitting to do but it seemed a shame to undo. I can always gift it to my cousin or sister. 

It’s knit with Berroco Vintage in a teal/blue. I picked the yarn up for a song when a LYS sadly closed its doors in 2014. Also, if I finish this before Christmas I can count this as another WIP interception for the Down Cellar Studio pigskin party KAL!

3 thoughts on “Sweater Resurrection 

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