Winning at Sweater Knitting

My fingers have done the flying and thanks to a few late nights and an early Christmas trip to the inlaws the sweater of doom is done!

It still needs a good blocking to the collar and sides to smooth things out but it’s DONE!

Pattern:  Cuff to Cuff Sweater by Julie Farmer

Yarn: Berroco Vintage (456 grams or 996 yards)

Size: It’s been so long and I’ve lost my notes that I’m not sure

The best part? I finished this before the WIP interception deadline in the Down Cellar Studio Pigskin Party 2015. I’m pretty happy with the overall project but I’m not 100% happy with my seaming. You can see that left is worse than the right in the photo above. I had trouble matching up my bars when doing my mattress stitch late at night.

But for now I’m going to wrap up in this cozy knit and count my 25 interception points!!

Happy Knitting!!

Fly Fingers Fly

I’ve been staying up WAY too late at night but I’m determined to get my Cuff to Cuff sweater done by Christmas. I got through the final side and sleeve and got the sweater on the blocking boards!

(I measured carefully and blocked the back and fronts to the same length for seaming purposes.) After a good soak in Soak wool wash I put a fan on this overnight. And whoosh….it was dry!

I’m going to seam up the sides tonight and get the collar/bands picked up. I’m going with the pick up 3 then skip one method for the edging. That will be just shy of 300 stitches on the needles. And then it’s just 5 inches of seed stitch between me and a FO. All in the next 8 days….ack!

Wish me luck!

Sweater Resurrection 

I’ve been on an organizing tear of late. I went through my wardrobe with a ruthless eye and got rid of the clothes that don’t fit post baby. And the ones that don’t make me happy or feel good. They will go to a good home to my sister or to a women’s shelter. And I also tore through my WIPs pile. It was time to knit or frog. I unearthed my Cuff to Cuff Sweater.

  I started this in 2014 but it stalled majorly after Jellybean was born. I was sorely tempted to rip it out as I’m not sure it will fit my new and improved mom hulk shoulders. But all it was missing was one sleeve and the collar/edging. Still a lot of knitting to do but it seemed a shame to undo. I can always gift it to my cousin or sister. 

It’s knit with Berroco Vintage in a teal/blue. I picked the yarn up for a song when a LYS sadly closed its doors in 2014. Also, if I finish this before Christmas I can count this as another WIP interception for the Down Cellar Studio pigskin party KAL!

WIP Wednesday: Cuff To Cuff Sweater

My sweater is growing! Here is the latest progress on my Cuff To Cuff sweater!


This is an interesting construction. It’s worked side to side. I’ve completed the first sleeve, one front, and the back. Now I’m on to the second front. The stockinette is very curly and I’m concerned this is going to be small. But I believe in the pattern and my search. Blocking is indeed miraculous! I have faith 🙂

Happy knitting !

Multi-tasking Saturday!

I feel a bit like a proper knitting mother today. Who says you can’t take a breastfeeding class and knit your Cuff To Cuff sweater at the same time?


I’ve finished the first sleeve just knitting in class and cast on the body stitches. Not to mention learned a million things about nursing. I call this day a win!

Happy Knitting!!

Sweater For Fall

I’m less than two months away from Jellybean’s arrival and I find that pregnancy has fired up my urge “KNIT ALL THE THINGS”. I’m almost done with Jellybean’s blanket. Only one more row to go and then a simple crochet edging and it’s done!!

Yeah yeah…I have two pairs of socks on the needles for #sockswithsarah. And I haven’t really touched them except for a stitch here and there. I’ve been really busy nesting in my nursery, cooking tomato sauce, making apple jelly, and having some alone time with the hubby before Jellybean gets here.

I perused my Ravelry cue looking for an easy to wear open front sweater. Something I can throw over a long sleeve tee in winter or tank in the spring! And I found the Cuff to Cuff Sweater by Julie Farmer.


(Photo: © Coats & Clark)

I love this sweater for so many reason not least of it will be forgiving to my post baby body as I adapt to being a mom, lol. This sweater was Knit ‘n Style in 2012 and I’ve had my eye on it since. I have some smushy Berroco Vintage in a lovely teal/blue color burning a whole in my stash. I picked up a sweaters worth at a LYS closeout sale last year for a steal.

Any change to get this done before Jellybean…who knows? I’m not stressing about it. Everything will get done eventually. Just need to take good pattern notes along the way in case it takes a longer than expected time out!

One downside to this project….the yarn is not caked. Sigh, time to break out the yarn swift and ball winder. So much winding to do before I can put yarn on needles!!!