Cast On: Another Baby Sophisticate

A dear friend from literally pre-school is having a little baby boy. She and her husband worked and prayed very hard for this miracle. So I want to make something extra special. I’ve already knit a blanket.

Now the little mister needs a sweater! I am going with an old standby…the Baby Sophisticate by Linden Down. I pulled some Cascade Yarns Cherub Aran in a navy colorway from my stash. I bought this for a Jellybean sweater but he quickly outgrew this yardage before I could get knitting.


Ravelry tells me that this is the 8th such sweater I have knit. Nothing wrong with a great classic! Do you have any repeatable patterns?


7 thoughts on “Cast On: Another Baby Sophisticate

  1. Back when my kids were young, I had a cabled sweater I made in every size so they could both always have one. Now that I say it, it seems matchy matchy, but at the time, I loved those sweaters.

  2. I just knit my 11th baby knot cap. I need to make a baby sweater for a cousin who’s in the process of adopting. I just might make this pattern. Yours have turned out so cute.

  3. Apparently Knot Socks by Nancy Bush…otherwise, it will be a Vanilla Latte Sock pattern I found on ravelry. I sometimes love repeat patterns, as you work much from muscle memory, however, I also love challenges and like to put a new twist on some familiar patterns so I don’t get too bored while doing the actual knitting….usually.

  4. I had classic for the kids and even now have the go to work up quick patterns. We have a few of the boys on the footy team we support who are getting married and wI have been crocheting them blankets

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