Sock What!?

My Antimuon Socks have an almost HO! I finished the first tube of the first sock. All I need to do is insert the afterthought heel. I should have more than enough yarn. And I started the toe of the second sock right before the hubby and I went to see Wonder Woman.

A) The movie was highly entertaining and Chris Pine is nice to look at.

B) I got several inches of sock knit!

But I noticed something a little kooky in the light of day after the movie. See if you can see it
I thought the hubby had gotten a matching sock set. Nope, this is an Isomer set which means they coordinate but do not match. The second sock is doing what the yarn label says it should. 

They are still pretty. I think I’ll keep them 😁

Happy Knitting!!

5 thoughts on “Sock What!?

  1. I see what you mean with the yarn.They do coordinate nicely, so I think keeping them is a good idea!
    I enjoyed Wonder Woman. I don’t personally find Chris Pine appealing (I always picture his dad, the Sargeant on CHiPs, and how much cuter Ponch & John were)! lol. I thought he was less than perfect for this role, coming across not as heroic or even believable as the love interest. Maybe any male would have fit though, since WW had never before been near any male. 🤔

  2. Love the new socks! The Wonder Woman movie was awesome! I wasn’t familiar with the story before going to the movie.

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