So Easy To Get Offcourse

My Strands of Drunken Watermelon have a very easy slip stitch pattern. And now I’m working the pattern all the way around the sock. So it’s easy to get off course.

The slipped stitches are worked worked with the yarn held in front. And the bars created in this process are offset/alternated by two stitches every other pattern row (if that makes any sense). This is not captivating TV show or late night knitting. I lose the ability to count to two and my bars go all wonky. I tried working on this late into the evening Labor Day weekend and I ended up tinking more than I knit.

Lesson learned…

9 thoughts on “So Easy To Get Offcourse

  1. Lol it drives me nuts when a pattern sounds simple enough to do while watching tv, but turns out not to be. I seem to spend a lot of time sitting in silence knitting with the afghan I’m doing right now.

  2. Funny how the hardest numbers to count to in knitting are 1 and 2…give me five and I”m just fine…make me do a rib stitch and well, please excuse the language as I tink back….(I’m surviving this rib stitch, by knitting carefully and checking the numbers at the end of the row).

  3. That looks lovely! Now I want to find that pattern myself.

    The socks I’m working on started off that way for me, too. Not that it’s completely become TV knitting. Not at all. I do still need one eye on my knitting and one on the TV, or computer, or what-have-you.

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