Cuff Decision

I had been working my Vacation Vanilla Socks from a single wound skein. Normally I split my yarn into two equal cakes for matching socks so I don’t have to guess or measure during the knitting. I was far enough with the first sock that I weighed and pulled out enough yarn to get half and then cut.

I had a quite a large ball of yarn left to finish this first sock. I kept going up the leg and ball didn’t shrink much. I’m at decision point….keep going up the leg or start the cuff.

I need to measure with a ruler. My eyeballs say “that’s far enough” but arguably they aren’t always reliable, lol. I hate making decisions when I feel the pull of “just get this project done”. This project needs to percolate a bit I think.

Happy Knitting!!

4 thoughts on “Cuff Decision

  1. Are they for you or someone else? At this point in my socks I’m usually at the “Try on and tell me you want it done” phase, haha. I have been on a long sock kick so I would probably knit another inch or so then do a 3-4 inch cuff.

  2. I always make that mistake about the length of things. I decide on a length at the start of the project, but then I get to a point where I measure and decide that’s good enough as I want to get it done and feel like I’ve accomplished something:) I’d say go with measuring and stick it out so they are what you want when you’re done:)

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