One Sleeve Down

One project that needs to see more love is the Baby Vertebrae for PB.

I’ve finished the first sleeve and put the needles in for the second sleeve. After this it will literally only need a button band and blocking. I think my mental block on this one is the DPNs. They are not my jam. I have to pay special attention to my tension when changing needles to avoid laddering. (This is totally why I knit my socks on 9 inch circs.) I really want this sweater for PB and it should be just right for fall. And the yarn is divine….I am just struggling with my mojo a little bit.

Oh well, slow and stead will still win the race right?

Happy Knitting!!

5 thoughts on “One Sleeve Down

  1. Dunno about slow and steady – it doesn’t get me finished very often. Sighh …
    As for DPNs … I have no words: Well, I do, actually – two: hate ’em. I use circulars for everything: if not, I would drop knitting off the ends with infuriating regularity, and my language would be frightful.Your knitting is VERY nice !

  2. The sweater is beautiful and the yarn is divine! I love the speckles, remind me of robin’s eggs (if they were green!) I’m a fan of DPNs but totally understand the aversion. One way to mitigate ladders, in addition to giving an extra tug between needles, is to switch up your “dividing line” every round or so.

  3. Silly question: why can’t you use the 9″ circs for the sleeve? Is it not enough stitches, since it’s a baby sweater? Hope you survive your bout with DPNs–the sweater is lovely!

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