An Almost Sweater

My second skein of sweater yarn showed up this past week and I wasted NO TIME in working on this puppy. I hand wound the ball because I was at my parents’ house and didn’t have access to my swift.

I also forgot to pack the smaller sized needles that the button band called for. Turns out….I don’t care! I started the band just kept on knitting with the sweater body sized needles. I think I’m 6 or 7 rows into a 12 row button band. Then its just a bath and this baby is done!

Happy Knitting!!

4 thoughts on “An Almost Sweater

  1. Can you believe that I can’t get my head around the photo …?
    I mean, to this ancient quasi-beginner it looks as if you’ve knitted a baby-suit that you’ll be finishing at belly-button point.
    How do I get the correct perspective, so as to stop myself from goingbonkers trying to work it out ?

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