It’s Back to Work I Go….With Knitting Of Course

I am back to work today. And my desk wouldn’t be complete without a project tucked into it’s drawers to save me during long and boring conference calls/webinars. But I finished my “desk knitting” before PB was born and never replaced it. So when I was packing baby gear to deck out my office I also did up a project bag with some knitting.

I grabbed two skeins of Felici self-striping in Cheer and my US 0 needles and threw into a project bag. The socks are not started and lord knows between catching up on work and taking care of an infant while at work I won’t have time to actually knit. But I find it oddly comforting to know it’s there just in case I need it!


Am I the only one who stashes knitting like a squirrel stashes nuts?

8 thoughts on “It’s Back to Work I Go….With Knitting Of Course

  1. I keep a crochet project in the car, in case the baby falls asleep near the end of a journey. I can then sit in the car for as long as she naps, happily crafting!

  2. I’m not happy if I haven’t got a project in my handbag, even if I know I won’t get time to actually knit. And now I’m stockpiling self striping yarn and easy projects for after baby arrives while desperately trying to finish my complicated knits!

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