Gidday Baby Update

PB’s Gidday Baby cardigan is done through the body!

I’m so glad the button bands are knit as you go. Not that I mind button bands but I’m absolute rubbish at picking up stitches as I go. I never get the ratio just right. But I’m pleased with this cardigan so far. Berroco vintage is a nice washable workhorse yarn. The sizing is working out decent. I’m not sure this is a 12 month exactly but it’s big enough to fit PB this fall. I still have to work the sleeves and they include some striping.

The only hesitation I have about this garment is the color combo. It’s not horrible but the cream and blue sometimes just catch my eye in an odd way sometimes. But considering PB is gonna spit up and chew on it…..I’m not sure the colors matter all that much, lol. And this is using up some relatively old stash for me so that’s a plus. My hubby keeps saying as long as she warm that’s all that matters!

Happy Knitting!!

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