Gauge Is A Thing

PB’s Gidday Baby sweater has one sleeve. But my sleep deprived noticed one small problem.

Guess what…..gauge is a thing….

I just grabbed the DPNs at the bottom of my project bag and merrily knit away. Well, they are one size smaller than the needles I used for the body. And boy howdy can you tell they are different gauges. I quickly made the executive decision that I don’t get enough knitting time to rip them out and redo them. I’m just going to call this an “unintentional design feature” and move on the second sleeve.

On the upside….I did manage to minimize the laddering between my DPNs, lol. Happy Knitting!!

7 thoughts on “Gauge Is A Thing

  1. Perhaps it will be a better fit by keeping those little baby arms warmer with a closer fit. This is an adorable sweater. It’s my next knit times 2 for my yet to be born twin grandchildren.

  2. It will be our secret. The non-knitters as well the baby won’t even notice. Any knitters who see it and notice it shall remain quiet. It’s this secret blood pact knitters have. LOL

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