This Might Be Insane

I’m INSANELY close to finishing my Helping Hippos Vanilla Socks. And last weekend we spent some time at my parent’s house….which meant BABYSITTING! I’m also trying to up my daily step count for health initiative at work. So I decided to see if I could multitask!

I did managed to stay upright and add some decent leg length to my sock. Lots of people walk and knit, so why would a treadmill be different. Now, I don’t know that I would do this all the time as this particular treadmill is a little finicky. But it was an excellent use of my time on a cold winter morning when neither PB or Jellybean were glued to my hip.

What is the best thing you have ever multi-tasked while knitting??

7 thoughts on “This Might Be Insane

  1. I’m not a good multi-tasker while knitting, so I think it’s great you could walk and knit! I’ve knitted while at major league baseball & hockey games, but that meant I could still check my stitches once in a while.

  2. Great idea! I can multitask “watching” TV or movies, and sometimes if I know I will have a teleconference at work that I’m not going to have to participate too much, I can knit during that as well. Not much more than that!

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