Not Quite A Full Foot

I have been pretty diligent about getting off my rear end for lunch and walking. Aside from feeling less stressed and hitting my step goal most days. I’ve been adding more stripes to my Cheery Vanilla Socks.

It’s hard to see from this angle but I have about 5.5 inches of foot complete. I have a 9 inch foot so I like to get to 7 inches (or just shy of) before I add waste yarn for a forethought afterthought heel. Based on how much I get knit…I think I have three more walks and I’ll be at the heel!

Happy Friday to all and keep on Knitting!!

10 thoughts on “Not Quite A Full Foot

  1. Oh that’s awesome you can knit and walk! Wish I could but that would be dangerous for me and the knitting. I love the stripes by the way!

  2. What kind of step tracker do you have? I have a Fitbit that I usually wear on my wrist and learned quite quickly that my arm has to move for the step to be counted. When I’m carrying packages or knitting while walking, I have to put the Fitbit around my ankle (under my sock) or in my pocket but I rarely wear socks in the summer and a lot of women’s clothing doesn’t have pockets.

    BTW the socks look good!

    • I have a Fitbit Versa and I haven’t had a problem with it not counting my steps while knitting and walking. Now, when I push PB in her stroller it isn’t good at catching all of my steps because my hand are in the stroller bar. And I have the same problems with women’s pants, it’s a travesty!

  3. You’re knitting that while you’re walking? Awesome! How’s that coming along for you? I’ve had some knitting in my purse sometimes and would knit while walking around at the grocery store, but haven’t done it in a while. That sock looks so cute!

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