Anxiety and Self Care

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for everyone far and wide. I’m not going to take space here to regurgitate what is being blasted on every platform possible. What I will say is that my anxiety is very high. I am confident that this pandemic won’t last forever but the ramifications both socially and economically might last longer than we would like. And that bumps up against my anxiety triggers…..I’m an accountant after all. And it’s hard not to be worn down by the onslaught of information and empty store shelves.

I am washing my hands, talking to others support when I need it, and returning to my Midwestern roots and I’m cooking all the comfort foods I can think of. Last night I took some time to rest in bed with the following self care items:

They only thing missing was knitting friends. If anyone out there is similarly missing your knitting groups and friends please feel free to DM me. I’m always around my phone and more than happy to chat and share projects. We are a community and no one has to feel alone. Happy Knitting friends!

11 thoughts on “Anxiety and Self Care

  1. Anxiety and loneliness setting in here, the monthly knitting group suspended indefinitely. Not sure the best means to DM you… I am able to use twitter/insta/fb (least fave of the options)- let me know which is beet or how to find ya maybe we can chat once in a while.
    We are not alone in this, one good thing to come out of it is a better sense of how we can all support and help one another in even the smallest (and still important) ways.

  2. I am having general anxiety as well. I feel like I should be doing more to protect those I love and the colleagues who I represent as their union vp. So much. Be well my dear!

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