Garter Peacefulness

My Garter Rainbow Wrap is swimming along nicely. I have three mini skeins completed and they look amazing!

The pink and purple sections have the increases and now I’m barreling down just straight garter knitting back and forth.

I am really digging the next few colors that are coming up. They are a series of cool blues and acidy greens. Since I am holding these mini skeins double with some white sock yarn the colors really do marl and blend pretty well.

Happy Knitting!!

3 thoughts on “Garter Peacefulness

  1. I’ve been quietly following you for awhile now and I just want to say, I do love your creativity with your projects and your productivity! You get so much done while working and dealing with two young children! I’m in awe. Although I look back to when my kids were small and realize I had so much energy then…wish I had it now that I’m 60 because just working is about all I can do! Anyway, kudos to you for making time to knit in this busy season of life, it’s so important to do something just for you!

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