Cast On: 2020 Advent Socks #3

Now that the Down Cellar Studio’s Pigskin Party KAL is here and going full force I am casting on ALL THE THINGS to earn all the points I can. First up is a pair of socks to live in my purse!

This the LAST of my 2020 BFL advent minis from agirlandherwool. I had already made socks here and here with the rest. These will be my “recipe” of 68 stitch toe up vanilla socks with gusset heels. I obviously haven’t made it that far but that will come in time. I will earn yardage points AND sponsor points for this dyer. I am really trying to use my stash to my advantage and wrack up the points this year.

Happy Knitting!!

Cast On: Garter Rainbow Wrap

After finishing Bifrost I knew that I still had one advent set of minis left to complete. I had previously started the All My Stitches and had reached a crossroads. Y’all….I just couldn’t get past what to do next and so I stopped working on the project. I took this as a sign that the yarn/pattern combo wasn’t meant to be. So I frogged it!

I decided to improvise another wrap with the loose bones of the Bifrost. I am starting with a triangle that I will build out to my desired width and then I will knit the rectangle until I get to my last advent color. I don’t know if I will do another point on the opposite end or just leave it square.

But for right now I am happy to have this squishy and colorful project on my needles! Happy Knitting!!

FO Friday: Bifrost

As promised, here is my finished Bifrost. It has had a good bath and blocking.

Pattern: Bifrost by Cate Carter-Evans

Yarn: Cloudborn Fibers Superwash Merino Singles in Antique White and Cornbread and Honey Superwash Merino Fingering in the 2019 Advent calendar

Needles: US 9s

Mods: I changed the cast on to 100 stitches

I definitely made a few mistakes in this wrap. I have increases where there should decreases and vice versa. I would count every so often and would almost always have more than the 100 I started with. I just chose to decrease those away and move on. So my wrap isn’t perfectly straight but its wonderfully warm.

I really like how the colors faded from purple through browns and finally towards teal. This project is LARGE. I used 2,172 yards of yarn that roughly equates to five and a half skeins of fingering weight yarn. I am super happy with this stashbusting project.

I would totally make this project again and I’m already daydreaming my next garter wrap!

Happy Knitting!!

I Win At Yarn Chicken

I did it, I finished Bifrost. And I totally won yarn chicken!!

I ended up with a nugget of my main advent mini skein yarn. I would imagine its roughly two or three yards. And for my Cloudborn singles, I have a slightly larger than golf ball sized leftover. I am very proud of my yarn usage on this one!

I’ll gather my wits and share the FO and its stats tomorrow! Happy Knitting!!

FO Friday: 2020 Advent Socks #2

Another pair of socks is in the books! The second pair of my 2020 Advent Socks are finished and blocked.

Pattern: My own toe up vanilla sock “recipe” with 68 stitches and a gusset heel

Yarn: A Girl and Her Wool BFL Sock in the 2020 Advent mini skeins

Needles: US 1s

The fit is better on this pair than my first attempt here. And as I had hoped, I think I have just enough minis for a third pair of socks. Which would be nice for both my sock drawer and to completely use up the minis from this advent calendar.

Now….I just need to get the next set of socks cast on! Happy Knitting!!

Advent Heels

My 2020 Advent Socks #2 are humming right along. I am working them in tandem so I can split each 20 gram mini in half.

I need to catch up the bottom sock to where I am on the top sock. The top one has the heel increases started. But the bottom one needs a smidge more stockinette still. This has been my grab and go car knitting as well as my “I’m too tired at night to knit anything else”.

I need to do some yarn planning to determine how tall I will make these. I could cut them off a decent but short-ish length and save enough yarn for another pair of socks. Something to ponder…

Happy Knitting!!

Cast On: All My Stitches

I couldn’t help myself the cast-on-itis was too strong with this one. I had all the minis prepped from my frogged Rainbow Fluff Hibernation Throw so I cast on the All My Stitches!

I am using just a plain white opal sock yarn that I found on Etsy. It should flow nicely as I progress through the rainbow. And I have confession….I have two skeins of the white Opal but I didn’t check yardage to see if it would be enough to last through advent minis. I may end up with yarn chicken on this one!

This cast on did take some brain space, the increase section is a four row repeat. I need to make sure I have time to complete the repeat before setting it down. So this is an “after the kids go to bed” kind of project. I’m anxious to get past the increase so I can just ZOOM in garter or awhile!

Happy Knitting!!

Knitting And Other Life Skills

PB and I did some “quality” time the other day when daycare was closed. I worked on my 2020 Advent Socks #2 and she “did” some dishes in luke warm soapy water. We both practiced some positive life skills I would say.

Total win/win. She played happily for about 45 minutes and I added a third color to my scrappy socks. I love knitting and listen to her little brain chatter away. She’s very much in the “stream of consciousness” phase right now. Sometimes the honesty hurts and sometimes its hilarious. I’ll take whatever I can get, lol!

Happy Knitting!!

Frog-tastic Summer

I am on a bender….of frogging. I may have been rooting around in my WIP bag and found not one but two advent mini skein projects in hibernation. I spread them out and gave them a good look…..I didn’t want to finish either of them.

First up to frog is my Rainbow Fluff Habitation Throw made with my 2020 Teal Torch Knits advent set. Its a rainbow gradient and I was making a lap blanket with a little suri alpaca thrown in. It’s now back to a bunch of minis. Since I’m all about holding yarns double and marling…..this yarn is now going to be the All My Stitches wrap by Beata Jezek (Rav link). I ordered some plain white Opal Sock yarn to hold with the colors.

Next up in the frog pond… Wool and Waves Advent Scarf. This was my 2019 Advent of choice. I clearly made it SUPER far, hahaha. It’s now ripped out and I’m considering making it into the Zest by Josh Ryks-Robinsky (Rav link). I need to get on the interwebs or hit my LYS to find a second yarn to hold double with this set.

I definitely feel like I have a theme to my knitting this year, hats and holding sock yarn double. Both are really helping me use all the wonderful yarn I have stashed for year. Plus I’m getting a lot of cool FOs for next fall.

Happy Knitting!!

FO Friday: 2020 Advent Socks

I have another pair of socks for my sock drawer! The 2020 Advent Socks are done and ready for my feet.

Pattern: My own 68 stitch toe up vanilla sock “recipe” with a gusset heel

Needles: US 1s

Yarn: AGirlAndHerWool 2020 Christmas Advent Calendar (minis #1 through #8)

These socks are just so cheery and happy. It felt satisfying to actually use up the mini skeins from my advent calendar instead of hoarding them. I will admit the socks are a tad bit big or maybe have less ease that I would normally want. I could have probably done with 64 stitches instead of 68 for the foot and heel sections. But 68 feels good in the leg.

The socks ended up decently tall and the BFL content feels soft but hardy on my feet. I ended up using roughly 360 yards of yarn to finish these socks so that puts these on par with the amount I use from a normal skein.

Finishing these socks inspired me to clean my sock drawer. I pulled out six pairs of socks that I have knit that have shrank in washing (or my feet grew during pregnancy) and no longer fit super well. I gave all six pairs to my sister who wears a size 7 shoe compared to my size 9.5. She was super grateful and I’m hoping those socks get some wear instead of hanging out sadly in my drawer.

Happy Knitting!!