A Second Goth Toe

After finishing the first sock of my Goth Kitty Vanilla Socks, I started the toe for the second. I had my annual mammogram and managed this week baby toe while waiting.

I will admit that I pulled out the second skein and purposely started with the same stripe in the sequence on sock number two. This way my socks will match. Now, they won’t be a row by row match but close enough for an muggle looking at my feet.

Happy Knitting!!

2 thoughts on “A Second Goth Toe

  1. Nice purple toe! And as for mammograms – pff – I am sure the machines were invented by a man – who doesn’t have what we have – otherwise they’d be more comfortable and less like being popped briefly into a sandwich toaster. I believe in preventative medicine but I wish there was another way ….x

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