Stalled Sweater

My Baby Sophisticate has kinda stalled. 

I’m down past the underarms and only a few more inches to the bottom ribbing. I just haven’t felt the mojo for this project. The yarn is just kind of splitty and the color so dark. I have just kind of let it marinade because I dearly love the mommy to be. I don’t want to half arse this project!

I have been knitting on my sock yarn memory blanket to clean my pallete. I hope in the next few days to get this sweater booted back up again!

Happy Knitting

4 thoughts on “Stalled Sweater

  1. I completely understand the need to pause and work on a knitting “palette cleanser.” The in-process Baby Sophisticate is truly lovely, and I have full confidence the finished project will be even more so!

  2. Splitty yarn is frustrating. Now you’ve written here that you’ve stalled maybe it will encourage you to ‘unstall’. It works for me. Once I write about it, it guilts me into doing a few rows !

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