Cast On: Dark Side Socks (Take Two)

I was digging around in my craft room looking for some progress keepers and I came across a sock project bag that I had shoved to the back of a shelf. To my delight, I found that it contained my second pair of Knit Picks Felici socks in the Dark Side colorway.

I had knit up the first pair for my friend in Portland when I went to visit last November. And then in the chaos of the holidays these just got forgotten. The two small tubes both had toes knit into them so all they need are cuffs and heels. I decided to get these fired back up.

The stripes are in reverse order because of how I split the tubes (aka sock snakes) but I really don’t mind. I will just be happy to have a short-ish pair of socks to add to my drawer. Though I think I have wrapped my brain around how to avoid this in the future if I want.

I worked one evening on them and made some decent progress on the first cuff. Maybe these will be my spring time present to myself?

Happy Knitting!

7 thoughts on “Cast On: Dark Side Socks (Take Two)

    • I have a pretty healthy sock drawer so my pairs don’t get a ton of wear each winter. But so far my felici pairs are holding up well for a very soft sock yarn. I do tend to knit them at a tighter gauge so that might help too.

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