A Body Complete

I did it! I finished the body of my Weekender!!

The short rows were easier than I thought and I did manage to do each side the same. The ribbing was a bit of a challenge as I had an extra stitch on one side and one short on the other. I just fudged it to make it work. And bonus, I was able to try this one!

As suspected, the sweater is not exceedingly oversized on me. It still has positive ease but it’s not exactly boxy on me as it is in the pattern. But the length is nice and I’m glad I added the 2-3 extra inches in the body.

I finished the body and I have two 100 gram skeins left for each sleeve. So I have more than enough yarn to knit each sleeve and I won’t have to alternate skeins. I measured the armhole and my arms will fit through but they don’t have a ton of ease either. I think I will have to call an audible and knit my own sleeves. I will not have a lot of space in the upper arms to do the decreases the pattern calls for. I think my plan is just to knit a tube to my elbow and then try it on. I will just crunch the numbers and plan out my decreases from elbow to wrist.

I’m getting so antsy to finish this! I can’t wait to wash and see how the final garment is going to come out. I am also seriously considering casting on a second one in the next size up right after I finish this one! Am I crazy?

10 thoughts on “A Body Complete

  1. You are not crazy! I think the sweater looks great, and if anyone can crunch numbers for a sleeve it is you. If you cast on for another, it will go much quicker since the pattern is familiar to you. It’s a classic. Go for it.

  2. I think you are doing great on that pattern. There is nothing wrong with fudging the pattern for your needs. I bet the sleeves will look great when you are done. I cannot wait to see further progress!

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    • I’m trying this pattern now and am also confused. When you split for the sleeves and continue the body to the neckline, nowhere in the pattern does it say to do the front and back the same (except the words in the title section: “separate front and back” – is that the indication that I do this section twice, once for the front and the back?) I’m new at this – first sweater attempt!!! Pls help! lol

      • I’m very sorry but this blog post is over 2 years old. I really don’t remember the pattern. I recommend reaching out to the designer for assistance.

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